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Monitoring > Tips for treatment and care > Important notes concerning self-measurement of blood pressure using oscillometric blood pressure monitors.

Regular measurements provide safety
Each person has roughly 100.000 single blood pressure values per day. That is why only regular measurements taken at the same daytime and over a longer period of time enable a useful evaluation of blood pressure values. Enter the measured values along with taken drugs, the date and time of consumption into your blood pressure diary.

Only measure when being relaxed
Take a rest for approximately two to three minutes before each measurement. Sit relaxed in an upright position. Consider: Even desk work increases the blood pressure by 6mm Hg (systolic value) and 5mm Hg (diastolic value) on average.

Many factors lead to variations of your blood pressure
A full bladder causes an increase in blood pressure of approx. 10mm Hg.

Putting on the right cuff correctly
Check both a proper cuff size and a proper fit of the cuff.

Quietness during the measurement
Don’t talk and move during the measurement. Talking elevates your values by 6 to 7mm Hg.

Waiting period between first and following measurement
A repeated measurement should be started not earlier than a minute after the prior measurement.

Cardiac arrythmia limits the use of oscillometric blood pressure monitors
Certain cardiac arrythmia lead to error messages or wrong measurement results when using the oscillometric measurement method. Your physician can give your more detailed information. In cases of doubt please use a blood pressure monitor with a stethoscope or microphone.

Change therapy only after consulting your physician
The different dosages of pharmaceuticals shall not be changed without consulting your doctor.