HARTMANN in South Africa
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Archive 2014

HARTMANN assists German government in fighting Ebola  
The German government is committed to lasting and permanent support for the countries worst affected by Ebola. The goal is to build up mobile hospitals to provide effective treatment for affected patients.

Customers inspired by Medical Innovation Centre  
The first guided customer tours in the newly established Medical Innovation Center took place in Heidenheim towards the end of September. Besides German medical wholesalers, nurses and medical staff of Croatian hospitals were present. Finally customers from Brasil visited the Center at the end of the week.

TOWN HALL MEETING – Andreas Joehle, Group CEO, Paul HARTMANN Group  
It took some time for Andreas Joehle (AJ) to work his way around the world and then down the African continent, to the country that proudly plants the HARTMANN footprint in sub-Saharan Africa. This visit was a year later than planned, but when one looks at the scope of the job he has to do, including the expected 6% minimum growth from the Board, we a forgive the delay.

Big Picture arrives in South Africa  
In mid March the highly impressive Big Picture presentation enlightened the HARTMANN staff at headquarters in the southernmost country of the African continent.