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Big Picture arrives in South Africa

In mid March the highly impressive Big Picture presentation enlightened the HARTMANN staff at headquarters in the southernmost country of the African continent.

HARTMANN South Africa were pleased to host two Heidenheim based members of the Company Board of Directors, Dr. Werner Casper and Dr. Ralf Fenske as co-presenters with the Managing Director, Mr. Bill Kelly, in order to maximise the impact and importance of the occasion.

The event was perfectly timed to build on the success of `HARTMANN – The Next Chapters`, and the guiding principles of L.A.C.E. which were rolled out to the entire organisation at the turn of the year. It is already evident from discussions and attitudes that `walking the talk` is becoming the order of the day.

The actual Big Picture story unfolded in three parts. The main presentation with all the component elements displayed and explained in colourful detail, a communal lunch where one to one dialogue was engaged, followed by group workshops and summary presentations of outcomes.

The group activities were undertaken with great enthusiasm, and resulted in some lively, animated debates regarding the health and growth potential of the company. Common `Must Win Battles` in all the groups were retaining market share in traditional business, attracting new customers, living L.A.C.E. (with special emphasis on execution), transparent communication, and acceptance of organisational changes.

Post event feedback was unanimously positive, and especially from the three brand new employees who attended, having been impressed by the comprehensiveness and scale of the HARTMANN world, and being a part of `Building a World Class Business`.