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Customers inspired by Medical Innovation Centre

The first guided customer tours in the newly established Medical Innovation Center took place in Heidenheim towards the end of September. Besides German medical wholesalers, nurses and medical staff of Croatian hospitals were present. Finally customers from Brasil visited the Center at the end of the week.

“The guests were mainly impressed by the media technology, that supported the tour“, said Dirk Detampel, specialist training Operating Room and Disinfection of HARTMANN Germany. Besides a classical guided tour with Head-Sets in German and English language, several presentations and animated film sequences of the production of wound care and OR products were shown. “The first feedback of our customers was significant“, said Marin Matulic, Managing Director of HARTMANN Croatia.

According to HARTMANN board member Dr. Felix Fremerey, the additional illustrations of processes and buildings in the graphics in the guided tour enables the customers to understand the complex contend easily.

Furthermore the Operating Room offers various possibilities for interactive training sessions and workshops with the customers, to generate new product ideas and develop existing solutions in a different manner.

Until end of 2014, about 600 customers and representatives of associations as well as other companies and suppliers are supposed to visit the Medical Innovation Center. Beginning with 2015, we expect about 2.000 visitors per year