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HARTMANN assists German government in fighting Ebola

The German government is committed to lasting and permanent support for the countries worst affected by Ebola. The goal is to build up mobile hospitals to provide effective treatment for affected patients.

The German Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe, personally reached out to Andreas Joehle via telephone and asked for support for the initiative. Of course, Andreas assured the Minister that HARTMANN will give its fullest support to the plan put forth by the German Government.

Time is of the essence and the building of the mobile hospitals will be coordinated by the “Technisches Hilfswerk” (THW) at the request by the German government. Together with resources in the affected countries, the THW are now in the process of determining what products will be needed from HARTMANN. The main products will undoubtedly include caps, masks, protective clothing, and disinfectants. As soon as what products are required, we will make them available as quickly and efficiently as possible to the THW and, of course, free of charge. The transportation of the products to the affected countries will also be organized centrally by the THW. From our side, the entire effort will be coordinated through the HARTMANN department “Health Care and Government Affairs” located in Berlin.