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Study confirms high accuracy of blood pressure measurement with Tensoval duo control

The automatic blood pressure self-measurement monitor Tensoval duo control combines two professional measuring technologies: The device primarily utilises Korotkoff’s method1 of blood pressure measurement and only in exceptional cases will switch over automatically to the oscillometric measurement2 method – as for example in patients whose pulse sounds are very faint. This Duo Sensor Technology has been assessed in a clinical study according to international standards and has distinguished itself by its outstanding measurement accuracy.

Measurement accuracy should be given priority in all respects when purchasing a blood pressure measurement device. This should be respected by retailers and final consumers as well, with the end consumers being faced with an ever increasing choice of different devices for self-measurement at home. Most of the devices currently available in the retail trade do not meet the accuracy requirements for a clinical recommendation. If so and to what extent quality requirements are met, can only be certified by an independent test as expressed by EU authorities and international specialist circles. The most important standard methods for the clinical testing of measurement accuracy in blood pressure measurement monitors have been stipulated by the „British Hypertension Society“ (BHS), the „European Society of Hypertension“ (ESH) and the „American Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation“ (AAMI).

Clinical testing of the measurement accuracy of Tensoval duo control was performed according to international standards at St. Thomas’ Hospital of King’s College in London (De Greeff, A. et al. (2008) Blood Pressure Monitoring 13: 111). The team who conducted the study selected one out of three devices offered by HARTMANN. Reference values were obtained using a tested mechanical standard blood pressure measurement device. 85 adult subjects were involved in the test. In each of them, 9 blood pressure measurements were taken independently by two trained observers.

The test results demonstrated that Tensoval duo control achieved the highest accuracy scores for both systolic and diastolic measurements according to the BHS protocol. It is also one of the first automated devices in the world to maintain this accuracy throughout the low, medium and high pressure categories. Precise results were gained even in the assessment of patients with systolic values above 160 mmHg and diastolic values above 100 mmHg, which makes the device particularly suitable for persons with high blood pressure. All in all, it could be demonstrated that Tensoval duo control achieved the criteria of all established international test standards, namely BHS, ESH and AAMI, which makes it suitable – as expressed by independent test observers – for clinical use and  self measurement of blood pressure in adults.


1Korotkoff’s method:
A cuff in an appropriate size is applied on the upper arm and inflated above the expected arterial pressure. After slowly lowering the pressure and using a stethoscope placed on top of the artery of the arm, blood is heard to flow again. These sounds are known as Korotkoff sounds.

Korotkoff sounds:
(according to Nikolai Sergeievich Korotkoff) are pulse-synchronous circulatory sounds heard through the stethoscope in auscultation of blood pressure.

2Oscillometric measurement:
detects the pulse wave vibrations in the artery and calculates the most likely blood pressure values using an algorithmic formula.