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Wound documentation – accurate and stress-free

By recording and describing skin and wound conditions as well as other details, therapy can be improved.

It is no secret that accurate wound documentation helps provide optimal wound care. Recording of wound details such as skin and wound conditions, wound exudate and size help track the progress or lack of progress in healing and to apply important therapeutic options.

Standardized wound documentation provides clarity

To prevent information from being lost at the change of shift, standardized documentation is required immediately after treatment. Systems with checkmarks help to provide clear descriptions - the words and phrases to be used can also be defined by the team. It is to be noted that for deep or jagged wounds the wound size is often determined by volumetric analysis. Because:

The right products facilitate accurate wound measurement

With the right products, wound measurement values can be easily obtained and recorded in the wound documentation. Hydrosorb Gel® is perfect for this purpose. The clear Hydrogel used for wound cleaning is applied with a dosing syringe. The graduations on the syringe pointing in opposite directions make it possible to precisely control how much gel is placed on the wound and how much gel is left in the syringe. So the volume of the wound can be accurately determined and included in the documentation.

To sum up: modern wound care products promote wound healing and provide added value to wound documentation.