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Observational study confirms: Atrauman Ag promotes wound healing

15.03.2006 With the ointment dressing Atrauman Ag, patients with chronic or slow-healing wounds can be effectively treated. This has been confirmed by an observational study in 624 patients.

Chronic or slow- healing wounds are often contaminated with bacteria. In addition to antibiotic therapy, dressings are frequently used on these wounds. The anti-microbial effect of the silver-containing ointment dressing Atrauman Ag has been confirmed in clinical studies and laboratory tests. An observational study in 624 patients has proven that Atrauman Ag significantly promotes healing of chronic and slow-healing wounds. The study involved 211 practicing physicians including general practitioners, dermatologists, surgeons and internists - as well as 11 nursing services. The patients were treated with Atrauman Ag for 23 days on average. A large number of wounds were venous leg ulcers. During the observational study, the proportion of wounds covered extensively or completely with slough was reduced by 35% to 3%. Granulation and epithelial tissue markedly increased, the wound size was significantly reduced and there were substantially fewer infected wounds. Physicians and patients reported that wound conditions had improved or even had significantly improved through the use of Atrauman Ag and confirmed the excellent tolerability. The quality of life for patients was also improved with decreased wound pain.