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Security and well-being through customized care

Today people suffering from incontinence can choose from a wide range of absorbent incontinence products in different absorption strengths. The products are so sophisticated that they guarantee maximum leak protection, skin protection and wearing comfort. In addition it is possible to adapt the incontinence products to the individual needs of the person affected.

Moliform, the anatomically shaped incontinence pad.

To ensure that the person affected feels really secure, the absorption capacity of the product must be adapted to the existing type of incontinence and the degree of severity. It is necessary to determine how much urine is released involuntarily in which period of time and also how the loss of urine manifests itself – for example drop-by-drop or in gushy urination. The released volume of urine in the person affected can be exactly determined with the pad weight test.

Furthermore the personal living conditions of the incontinent people also play a great role in product selection:

  • Is he still active and mobile and able to handle the product himself?
  • Are there any physical disabilities which oppose independent handling of the product so that the person affected is dependent on care?
  • Can he/she no longer understand that he/she is incontinent due to demential disease?
  • Is the person affected bedridden, do skin problems exist and does fecal incontinence also exist?

If it is possible to find suitable care, then both parties will profit: It is possible to give back the person affected a bit of quality of life because he is spared embarrassing experiences, insecurity and unease. This in turn can give the carer satisfaction because an efficient solution has been found for his caring responsibility. Quite a lot of additional work can be avoided by suitable care.