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Incontinence products: how to find the right solution?

Men should select incontinence products designed to fit the male anatomy. When choosing a modern product, having to combine two traditional incontinence pads Is not necessary.

Particularly for men, effective incontinence protection can be very difficult. In practice, incontinence pads are often just adapted to the male anatomy by turning them around so that the wider part of the pad is positioned at the front. This does not work, however, for patients suffering from both urinary and fecal incontinence.Therefore, we recommend:

Choose a slip or a special pad for men

It is important that pads for men be secured using well-fitting fixation pants. Normal underwear is not sufficient.

To try to improve leakage protection, particularly for men, two absorbent products are often combined into self-made “packs”. In practice, the result is that exactly this causes leakage or skin damage.

When using a modern product, one incontinence product is sufficient

Instead of combining two products, the degree of incontinence should be specifically considered when selecting the appropriate product. Today, pads designed for mild, moderate or severe incontinence provide the best leakage protection and also ensure superior wearing comfort.

To sum up: only individually tailored incontinence products provide effective care without leakage!