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Urinary incontinence: double care does not mean twice as expensive

Using several incontinence products at the same time does not improve leakage protection but often leads to pressure sores and skin irritation. One modern product is sufficient for optimal care.

Modern incontinence products have a three-part absorbent core and are designed for a variety of incontinence types. A suitable product (e.g. MoliForm®) is available for each incontinence problem

In practice, however, the doubling method is frequently used, that is, two absorbent items are combined, the incontinence slip being used as fixation pants. The nurse may believe that this makes the incontinence product more secure. Sometimes greater work effectiveness is expected, sparing the patient the discomfort of a complete change of the absorbent article.

Such “homemade” methods are not only expensive. More accurately, this “double care” solution which may be considered elegant can lead to pressure sores, heat rash and skin irritation. In addition, once the pad has been removed the slip no longer fits properly and leakage often occurs.
To sum up: use one modern incontinence product for optimal care.