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Brief check before using gloves

Low-protein, powder-free latex gloves reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergies. In addition, skin changes on the hands can be treated with a rich nourishing cream.

Gloves provide reliable protection for health care workers and are absolutely essential. Longer wearing periods, however, can result in a build-up of moisture inside the gloves causing stress for the skin which may lead to rashes, eczema or allergies. Possible causes may include chemical residues or - especially in case of sensitization to latex - latex proteins in the gloves. Therefore, we recommend:

Nourish and protect your hands

If skin changes are noticed, you should consult a dermatologist. It is also helpful to use a rich skin care product (e.g. Menalind professional hand cream) and, where possible, to minimize glove wearing periods. The more often latex gloves are washed during production, the fewer latex proteins they contain. Therefore use gloves that have been washed several times during the production process (e.g. Peha-soft powder-free).

Before putting on the gloves, a glance at the glove plan may be helpful

Consider which glove types are best suited for the task. It is also important for the gloves to be powder-free as powder can serve as a means of transport for latex proteins making it easier for them to enter the skin. Therefore, use low-protein, powder-free latex gloves or powder-free stretch vinyl gloves which are, similar to latex gloves (e.g. Peha-soft syntex), comfortable to wear.

To sum up: appropriate skin care products and proper gloves help effectively protect your hands!