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Even mild incontinence affects the quality of life

08.03.2005 Those affected complain of increased physical and mental disorders and retreat into isolation.

Even mild incontinence can lead to emotional problems

A representative survey carried out by scientists from Leipzig and Giessen found that even mild incontinence can affect patients more severely than had previously been assumed. They complain of increased physical and emotional problems such as flatulence, joint, heart and stomach problems as well as erection problems, anxiety, depression and exhaustion. The younger those affected, the higher the stress. In addition, women are more affected than men. Incontinence can lead to restriction of social activities, anxiety and finally to isolation. Attending physicians have underestimated the adverse effects on the quality of life as their main focus was on the degree of incontinence. For this reason, even persons with mild incontinence need integrated care as well as comprehensive information as to which incontinence products can significantly improve their lives.