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History - 190 years HARTMANN

The HARTMANN GROUP is built on a 190 year history. It is a history of people and their ideas that began with the cotton mill of Ludwig von Hartmann. His son Paul Hartmann Sr. later founded the Paul Hartmann Bleaching, Dyeing and Dressing Company and expanded the company into a dressing material factory. Dedicated partners from the medical field helped develop products and test them in actual use. Two of them were Sir Joseph Lister und Victor von Bruns. Their inventions significantly contributed to improve wound care.

Who was Ludwig von Hartmann?

With the acquisition of the Meebold factory in 1818, Ludwig von Hartmann laid the foundation for the later dressing material factory. His Ludwig Hartmann company quickly became one of the largest cotton mills in the country.

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Three pioneers, one vision

Right from the beginning Paul Hartmann Sr. focused on maintaining close contact with leading researchers and physicians whose advice and experience he applied to the development of new dressing materials. His contact with two persons is of particular note: Sir Joseph Lister and Victor von Bruns.

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