HARTMANN in South Africa

Incontinence Care

Offering quality care of the elderly, whether at home or in a care facility, by assisting the paramedical professionals and families to select and utilize the correct HARTMANN Inco Procucts

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The HARTMANN health care range includes incontinence, patient care, skin-care and diagnostic products.

With HARTMANN incontinence products, health professionals and patients are assured of high quality disposable products customized to the individuals needs. They provide secure leakage protection, protect the skin from irritations, have excellent wearing properties and are easy to use.

Maintaining a high standard of hygiene in nursing care is important, but not always easy. High quality disposable products help facilitate daily activities such as body care. At the same time they protect patients and staff from infection.

Age-related skin problems are one of the reasons why older people no longer feel comfortable. Particularly with incontinent persons, the care of stressed skin plays a key role.