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Modern technology for accurate self-monitoring

Home-monitoring of blood pressure and body temperature requires accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use for all patients. HARTMANN’s range of Blood pressure monitors and clinical thermometers incorporate innovative technology with user comfort, providing patients with exceptional benefits.
Measuring body temperature and blood pressure are two of the most frequent diagnostic procedures. Because the data obtained often provides important insight frequently followed by therapy, the devices used for these measurements must be accurate and reliable

Tensoval Blood Pressure Monitor

HARTMANN offers two types of fully automatic blood pressure monitors for self-measurement, including Tensoval duo control. This world novelty is the first monitor with duo sensor technology which provides unparalleled accuracy. This new technology is particularly suitable for people with high blood pressure and various types of heart rhythm disorders. Clinical validation also indicates that the wrist device Tensoval Mobile meets rigorous safety and accuracy standards.
In addition HARTMANN offers a semi-automatic monitor, the Tensoval Compact. All three devices are designed for ease of use so that any person can conveniently monitor their own blood pressure.

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Thermoval Clinical Thermometer

HARTMANN Offers types of Clinical Thermometers. Thermoval Rapid is an electronic clinical thermometer particularly suited for when short measuring times of approx. 10 sec are required. The Thermoval Classic measures temperatures in approx. 60 - 90 sec.  Both have extra large digital display; acoustic signals that indicate when the thermometer is ready for operation and on completion of measurement; memory function; automatic switch-off function; waterproof and impact resistant case; can be disinfected; with replaceable long-life battery.

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