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Risk Prevention

When undergoing surgery, the prevention of infection before, during and after surgery is particularly important for the patient to prevent nosocomial Infections. Major factors in effectively preventing infection include knowledge of the cause of the infection and possible pathogen transmission as well as standardized surgical procedures. HARTMANN offers here a full range of products to achieve complete asepsis.

Disposable products help both the patient and the surgical team.

Disposable surgical gloves, clothing and gowns as well as disposable drapes for the patient and surgical environment contribute significantly to solving the contamination problem. This applies both to major and minor surgery. Standard sets for frequently performed surgery and a wide range of supplementary products as well as sets customized to suit specific needs help teams work effectively and safely in the operating room.


Foliodress – surgical gowns for safe and comfortable use  
Foliodress is available in a wide range of high quality products and combines a high degree of protection and safety with pleasant wearing comfort.

Foliodrape – disposable drapes reduce exposure to risk in the operating room  
Foliodrape allows for secure and reliable draping of the patient and the surrounding area in all surgical procedures.

Examination and surgical gloves for general use  
The examination gloves from HARTMANN are ideally suited in all medical areas and provide excellent tactile sensation.

Gke Sterilisation System  
Specialises in sterilisation design, validation & monitoring.  Gke develops, designs and validates new sterilisation processes and offers biological and chemical indicators and indicator systems for sterilisation monitoring.