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MoliForm®Premium Soft

MoliForm Premium soft for men is an incontinence pad for men, anatomically shaped plus super absorbent. MoliForm Premium soft for men guarantees protection for bedridden and mobile patients and offers reliable wearer comfort. The wetness indicator ensures easy identification of optimal product use.

The large superabsorbent pad in a shape which is specially designed for men, has a high absorption capacity and holds fluid safely inside. An integrated odour neutraliser prevents unpleasent odours
The antibacterial, pH skin neutral Dry Plus fluid distribution layer guides wetness into the absorbent core and reliably protects skin against rewetting.
A non-woven, water-repellent top layer, which covers the entire surface, helps to protect the skin and to keep it drier. The soft, water-repellent anti-leak cuffs provide leakage protection at the sides.
The special anatomical design and the elastic leg gathers ensure a snug fit to the body contours.
The impermeable backside with a soft non-woven outer cover protects bedding and clothing against soiling.
The wetness indicator is extremely useful in the care of severely ill or disoriented patients. The wetness indicator is a coloured mark. When it dissolves, the product needs changing.
The pads are very easy to fit with MoliPants elastic pants, and are inconspicuous when worn.

Item Description Dimensions/ Color Unit
MoliForm Anatomically shaped incontinence pad normal - yellow
plus - green
extra - blue
super- violet
super plus
30 Pcs
30 Pcs
30 Pcs
30 Pcs
14 Pcs