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Molinea® Textile

The reusable Molinea Textiles are high quality and reliable bed protection pads.

Absorption capacity : 2400 mls.

The absorbent layer of soft non-woven material has an extremely high absorption capacity.

The soft surface makes the pad very comfortable to lie on, but also ensures that all wetness is drawn away to the absorbent layer. The blue side goes down towards the bed and the green side up.

Washable up to 300 times.

Molinea Textile is 100% impermeable.

The textured backing makes sure it stays in place and does not slip.

Item Description Dimensions Unit
Molinea Textile

Mattress protector, waterproof,
washable, blue

75 cm x 85cm
85 cm x 90 cm
75cm x 85 cm with sleeves
1 Pc