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Gke Sterilisation System

Bowie Dick Simulation Test

The gke Bowie Dick Test is used as a functionality check of steam sterilizers to prove air removal and steam penetration according to EN 285 and EN 554.  The gke Bowie Dick Simulation Test can be used as an alternative for the standard cotton package and additionally simulate hollow devices which require more demanding air removal and steam penetration conditions in comparison to the porous cotton or commercially produced packs to 7kg. The Helix-PCD according to EN 867-5 has been added as an additional requirement to this standard.

Process Challenge Device PCD/Helix (Batch Monitoring System)

Batch Monitoring System (PCD) is used for routine monitoring in pre vacuum sterilisation processes in each cycle, batch/load to detect insufficient air removal, leakages and non condensable gases in the steam that would be critical in MIS instruments.  The gke Batch Monitoring System is designed to monitor steam penetration at the most difficult positions inside the sterilization load.

Patient Tracing / Documentation

For load/batch Patient-Related Documentation and Tracing of the Sterilization Process.  The gke Patient Tracing Systems consist of 3 components (3 lines Hand Labeling Applicator Gun, Piggyback Label with steam process indicator, and Patient Documentation (Sterilizer Log Books & Patient Record Notes)


Indicators for pack monitoring are used in steam sterilisation process to monitor the successful sterilisation inside the pack.

gke Class 6 Indicators fulfil the requirements of a Class 6 indicator according to EN-ISO 11140-1 and monitor all critical parameters (steam and temperature over time).

The indicator only changes colour to black if an adequate temperature-time window has been achieved and steam is present.