HARTMANN in South Africa

TenderWet® 24 active

TenderWet active is a wound dressing pad made of polyacrylate which is pre-activated with Ringer’s solution and ready to use.

Areas of application:
TenderWet 24 active For active wound cleansing in chronic and infected wounds.It can also be used to soften and remove necrotic tissue, to reduce the number of germs in the wound and to create optimal wound bed conditions for rapid wound healing.

Dressing change:
TenderWet 24 active is changed after approx. 24 hours.

Dressing retention:
Cohesive bandage (e.g. Midirip)
Adhesive sheet dressing (e.g. Omnifix elastic)

Item Description Dimensions Unit
TenderWet 24 active Interactive moist wound dressing that
provides continuous debriding and
conditioning for effective wound
bed preparation
Circular 4cm  
Circular 5,5cm