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Tensoval® Blood Pressure Monitors

Tensoval Duo Control

While most automatic self-monitoring blood pressure devices only use the oscillometric method, the Duo Sensor Technology primarily measures blood pressure with the very accurate Korotkoff method. Oscillometric readings are provided only in exceptional cases. The high accuracy, extra-large digital display and a memory for 2x30 measurement values also make Tensoval duo control easy to use.

The accuracy of the Korotkoff method ...
The Korotkoff' method ensures high measuring accuracy and functional reliability and is ideal in the treatment of a wide variety of heart rhythm disorders. Doctors use a stethoscope to detect the Korotkoff sounds and measure blood pressure. Duo Sensor Technology also utilizes this process making it particularly suitable for persons who need accurate readings. This is especially important for persons with high blood pressure because drug treatment can only be optimized when accurate blood pressure values are known. In addition, many patients with specific types of heart rhythm problems can now obtain accurate readings using an automatic blood pressure monitor. As the microphone is integrated directly into the device and not in the cuff, malfunction through improper handling is reduced. Duo Sensor Technology thus provides accurate readings and is easy to use.

The benefits of the oscillometric technique...
The oscillometric technique is a blood pressure monitoring method where pulse waves (caused by arterial pulsation) and not sounds are detected. A processor calculates the most likely blood pressure values based on an algorithm. The measurements are therefore performed indirectly, whereas the Korotkoff method monitors blood pressure directly from the artery. The oscillometric technique is not as accurate as the Korotkoff method but is suitable for persons with very low pulse sounds.

So both measuring methods perfectly complement each other and the device automatically applies the appropriate method for accurate determination of values.

Tensoval Mobil - The practical blood pressure watch for active people

Fully automatic blood pressure watch for measurements on the wrist based on the oscillometric method.

COMFORT AIR TECHNOLOGY: innovative inflation technology for individually adjusted inflation pressures - the cuff is only inflated to the necessary pressure and not higher, therefore readings are more comfortable to the user.
Other features:
- memory function stores 2 x 60 readings and mean value, including date and time for two users, plus a guest mode
- extra large digital display
- automatic switch-off function
- replaceable long-life batteries
- supplied with a sturdy hard plastic storage box

Description: Specially designed for blood pressure measurement on the wrist, TENSOVAL MOBIL is ideal for use almost anywhere. Its compact size and simple operation make it an attractive and handy device.

Uses: For blood pressure measurement on the wrist, especially when travelling; suitable for wrist circumferences between 12.5 and 22.5 cm, no reliable measurement results can be obtained in case of smaller or larger wrist circumferences.