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Tips for treatment and care

Modern incontinence products provide high fluid absorption capacity with a smaller product volume  
Incontinence products with highly absorbent synthetic granules can hold much more urine than cellulose products. In addition, they are more comfortable to wear than the thick cellulose products.

Toilet training can help improve bladder control  
In many cases, toilet training can help improve bladder control using a toilet diary. Incontinence products provide added safety to those affected.

Powder free gloves reduce skin irritation  
Low-protein, powder-free latex gloves reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergies. In addition, skin changes on the hands can be treated with a rich nourishing cream.

Gentle and thorough cleansing of elderly skin  
Ethanol based products dehydrate the skin. Therfore skin care products containing panthenol should be used, which increase the moisture content of skin.

Taking protective measures against the norovirus  
The spread of the highly infectious norovirus can be contained through strict hygienic practices and disinfection. Single-use products, which are immediately disposed of after use, also help prevent infection.

The right product for each incontinence problem  
Using several incontinence products at the same time does not improve leakage protection but often leads to pressure sores and skin irritation. One modern product is sufficient for optimal care.

Using special incontinence products for men  
Men should select incontinence products designed to fit the male anatomy. When choosing a modern product, having to combine two traditional incontinence pads Is not necessary.

Care of dry skin  
Dry skin is a common problem. While some individuals are only affected during cold winter months, dry skin is a permanent condition for many. However there are a number of simple measures which help prevent dry skin and care for it appropriately.

Diagnosis and therapy of urinary incontinence  
If the cause of urinary incontinence is not determined, treatment and care interventions cannot be successful either. The diagnosis must establish the type and causes of the existing urinary incontinence.

Diagnosis and therapy of fecal incontinence  
Even fecal incontinence is a big taboo, and persons affected often hide their problems even from physicians.

Skin care with incontinence  
Professional care of incontinent people includes not only regular changing of incontinence aids but also thorough cleansing and care of the skin. The needs of sensitive elderly skin must be taken into account.

Security and well-being through customized care  
Modern incontinence products ensure that persons affected by incontinence feel less impaired. Today they can choose from a wide range of absorbent incontinence products in different absorption strengths.

Act prudently if the patient has skin diseases  
Skin diseases can be seen. This can severely damage the self-esteem of the person affected. Therefore it is a great relief for the affected person if the carer treats his problems sensitively.

Hygiene products for single use  
Hygiene products are indispensable aids for the assurance of high hygiene standards in geriatric care.