HARTMANN in South Africa
Wound Care

Wound Care

The HARTMANN core range traditionally includes products that aid in the healing of various types of wounds. The wound healing range for healthcare professionals and patients comprises a wide variety of wound dressings for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds.

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As summed up in our time-tested slogan “HARTMANN helps healing“, our core range includes wound care products as well as compression and support bandages.

The tremendous progress in the basic understanding of wound healing has led to the development of a new class of wound care products in the last few decades. HARTMANN is one of the leaders in this field providing nursing and health professionals with an innovative range of hydroactive wound dressings in addition to traditional gauze or cellulose-based products.

For the treatment of chronic venous leg ulcers, which often end up as slow-healing or non-healing wounds, HARTMANN provides compression bandages - and therefore, together with modern wound dressings, a complete range of phlebology products. Support bandages, however, are frequently used for injuries and damage to the skeletal and locomotor system.